100% Organic Raw Cocoa Butter 1kg

100% Organic Raw Cocoa Butter 1kg


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Cocoa butter is a solid, yellow oil that is pressed from the cocoa bean. This cocoa butter is organic and unrefined, and has a strong chocolate scent that is natural to cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is solid and brittle at room temperature, it melts at about 40C but cocoa butter when chopped finely can easily be softened by rubbing between your fingers, or melted in a pan or microwave

Our organic, raw cocoa butter hasn't been subjected to any harsh chemical processes, and it hasn't been deodourised. If you love a chocolate scented cocoa butter, then this is the one for you!

Can I cook with it?

In short, yes. All of our cocoa butter is food grade.

What will my cocoa butter look like?

Our organic cocoa butter is an unrefined, raw, natural product and sometimes the appearance will vary. The main reason that commercial refining processes are used is to make a consistent appearance, and this just isn't possible with unrefined natural products. Every cocoa bean is different, and so is unrefined cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is a yellow coloured brittle oil, similar in consistency to chocolate

What can I use cocoa butter for?

Cocoa butter has to be one of the most widely used ingredient in moisturizer. Think Palmer's cocoa butter lotion! Oh yes, you can do it yourself at home with this unrefined, organic cocoa butter as the main ingredient. From body butter to hair treatments, soap to lip balm, this raw cocoa butter is a fantastic touch of luxury to any recipe.

How will my cocoa butter come packaged?

You will receive your organic cocoa butter in a clear zip lock bag without any marks and tags.

Why should I use cocoa butter?

Cocoa butter is used in almost every shop-bought moisturiser, hand cream, body butter, lip balm and hair treatment. However, cocoa butter is usually only used at about 5% by total weight, and much much more affect can be gained by using higher percentages. Organic, raw, unrefined cocoa butter is really the cream of the crop, the best of the bunch.

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