2 Weeks Skin Care Trial Kit - Eggplant Cleansing Foam - Eggplant Cream - Tea Tree Cleansing Foam - Centella Cream - Honey Serum - Honey Eye Cream - Chlo Ampoule - Blue Ampoule


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This Skin care 2 Weeks Trial Kit includes: Eggplant Foam, Eggplant Cream, Tea Tree Foam, Centella Cream, Honey Serum, Honey Eye Cream, Chlo Ampoule, Blue Ampoule.

Eggplant Cream that protects and hydrates sensitive and dry skin for smooth and healthy skin.

Eggplant Foam with light acidic gently cleanses sensitive skin with 30% of eggplant extracts.

Honey Eye Cream that adds both honey and peptide ingredients to instantly moisturize and improve wrinkles, as well as maintain active ingredients for a longer time with patented technology.

Honey Serum that contains both honey and fermentation ingredients at the same time, as well as improving wrinkles. Patented technology for longer skin absorption and efficacy retention.




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Papa Recipe Right For Skin


Our story

How we got our start?

Papa Recipe began from the love of a father, whose daughter was suffering from skin disease. The father studied healthy cosmetic for his daughter and was able to make an organic jojoba oil. Cosmetic brand, Papa Recipe was born from the thought of “making a recommendable product to those we care.”

What makes our product unique?

We know that all the actions we take pressure our earth. Hence, we constantly agonize how to not damage the environment as much. The ingredients are carefully selected from the start and the process of manufacturing is also carefully managed. We are proud to share our naturalism with our customers.

Why we love what we do?

We not only share about skin but also share our green lifestyle to continue healthy life. We wish to guide our customers who are suffering from all kinds of skin troubles and issues. We feel worthwhile through guiding and our goal is to guide those in need of a help.


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