Flamingo Adjustable Hard Collar Neck Brace

Flamingo Adjustable Hard Collar Neck Brace


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  • The Hard Collar Neck Brace is a neck brace used for pain in the neck, stiffness, and nerve compression.
  • It helps to relieve the pain and the stress, it immobilizes the neck and the head.
  • it reduces muscle strains and spasms.
  • For post-surgical rehabilitation.

The Hard Collar Neck Brace is designed to relieve the pain in neck tissues resulted from joint stiffness, narrowed vertebral spaces. cartilage and bones degeneration, (Whiplashes) tendon and ligaments tear, rapture, or sprains, and for chronic neck pain due to arthritis or spondylosis.

  • It can be used after surgeries for maximum stabilization of the head and the neck till the healing of the tissues.
  • It relives the compression on the nerves, this results from the narrowed vertebral space.
  • It then compresses the passing nerves causing the pain to delocalize to reach the upper limbs.
  • It can appear in pain, numbness, or abnormality in the movement of the elbow or the fingers.
  • The hard collar will stretch the neck upwardly as it is supposed to, it corrects the positioning and the posture of the vertebrae, decompressing the nerves, it also benefits patients with disc bulges or protrusion.
  • It widens the vertebral spaces a bit so that with physical treatment a disc bulge or a protrusion may return to its original place, leading to fixing the original problem.
  • This collar will help you restore the correct posture of your neck, massively reduce muscle strain and allow your muscles to relax.
  • It will reduce the pressure over the nerves and the soft tissues to stimulate and improve the blood circulation and heal the injured tissues.
  • It will immobilize your head and neck to prevent any further injury or harm that can occur die to extra pressure, weight, or wrong twist.
  • It can be used for fractures, concussion, and after surgeries for rehabilitation.
  • It stabilizes the spinal cord when it is injured or after a trauma to prevent the further injury.
  • The Hard Collar Neck Brace will apply an immediate relive of muscle strain and pain.
  • It will immediately improve the blood circulation, decompress the nerves, improve upper limb movement, and help you lose pain and numbness.
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