Herbal Pro Zen 60 Capsules (Stress & Anxiety Relief)

Herbal Pro Zen 60 Capsules (Stress & Anxiety Relief)


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  • Mood elevator
  • A natural way to overcome stress and anxiety
  • Relaxed your mind
  • Enhances a calming effect

Herbal Pro Zen (Stress & Anxiety Relief) is a clinically evaluated, unique formulation of herbal extracts developed scientifically using the science of Ayurveda. The product provides a natural way to enhance mood elevation and a reduction is stress and anxiety. It also helps in balancing of autacoids (serotonin) and reduces panic attacks. It contains natural herbs that provide the ability to calm your mood. 

Herbal Pro Zen is all natural and made from herbs sourced naturally. Here are some of the key herbs used in the product:

  • RHODIALA ROSEA: Has adaptogenic properties and benefits patients with stress-related fatigue and anxiety, anxiolytic effect, it normalises the release of stress hormones while simultaneously boosting energy metabolism via activation of ATP synthesis in mitochondria.
  • PASSIFLORA EDULIS: Helps treat anxiety, insomnia and certain forms of pain because it may increase levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a chemical the brain makes to help regulate mood.
  • CYMBOPOGON CITRATUS: Aids the release of serotonin which helps with anxiety issues.
  • BETA CAROTENE: Combats the bio-chemical changes which occur as a result of stress, there is antioxidant defense in the biological system.
  • HYPERICUM PERFORATUM: It is a strong antidepressant and elevates mood with mild to moderate depression.

Herbal pro Zen provides a unique blend of extracts such as St Johns Wort, Ginseng, Lavender and Passion Flower which helps in elevating mood and reducing anxiety & stress. It also helps in the balancing of autocoids (serotonin) and reducing panic attacks.

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