Hollywood Curl Solution Kit-Permanent Cold Wave 1 Pack


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  • Permanent Cold Wave
  • Gives you perfect curl
  • Easy to use
  • No drip, No Heat
  • Proven formula with Argan and Olive Oil

At Hollywood, we understand that curl pattern, hair porosity, and density are important factors in determining ethnic hair care needs. The curlier the hair, the more characteristic the cuticle layer, creating higher porous levels which are present in curly and coily hair.

Density determines hair volume by how closely individual strands of hair are packed together on the scalp. Curly hair with medium density is in need of enhancing the hair’s texture and playing up the volume, while coily hair with high density calls for curl holding and volume reduction. Hollywood Curl Kits have addressed these concerns.

Hollywood Curl Kit’s natural ingredients infused with argon oil and olive oil delivers no drip-no heat for that glossy wet look.  Hollywood Curl is a totally a new concept of installing form and design into hair permanently, allowing the ultimate in freedom, activity and participation in life, without worry of messy hair as never dreamed possible. Use as directed.

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