The 30 Day Beauty Secret Tablets


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  • An advanced formula for women
  • Now with age-defying antioxidants
  • A supplement containing vitamins, minerals and herbs

The secret to radiance, to a healthy look... You'll see and feel the difference!

The secret of a woman's beauty

American women have traditionally relied on cosmetics to help them look more attractive, but the secret of a woman's beauty cannot be found in the cosmetic packaging. Creams and concealers can't fix nail problems, weak hair or dull skin. The secret behind your natural beauty lies within you. Your body needs the building blocks to get the smooth skin, shiny hair, and strong nails you want. That's why the most effective beauty treatment you can give yourself is glowing good health based on premium nutrition, and that's what The 30-Day Beauty Secret® delivers. The 30-Day Beauty Secret® is a radical new concept in whole body nutrition that provides you with an unprecedented blend of special nutrients to nurture your most precious gift: health and vitality. In our busy everyday world, stress, environmental pollution and internal toxins are among the highest risks.

Two advanced formulas

The secret of this beauty lies in the ingenious system of this advanced formula that actually works to replenish those nutritional reserves that the body loses over time. It supplies your body with an exclusive array of all essential vitamins and minerals delivered to you in a proprietary blend of signature herbs and nutrients including royal jelly, Chinese angelica, peony, shepherd's stick (footi), silica (from the horsetail), keratin, collagen, and gelatin. Although The 30-Day Beauty Secret® is not just a multivitamin product, it can replace a daily multivitamin supplement that you take.

Magical results

You'll love the easy way The 30-Day Beauty Secret® brings out your natural beauty, with results most women see and feel within weeks. It's an advanced formula that works and results often seem like magic, but it really is based on nutritional science at its finest. Try the product for 30 days. Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

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