Lusters S-Curl Comb Thru TexturIzer Cream (Regular)

Lusters S-Curl Comb Thru TexturIzer Cream (Regular)


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  • Loosens hair texture to reveal a natural-looking curly or wavy* pattern
  • Softens hair and improves manageability
  • Designed to create a wide variety of low-cut, fade and close-wave styles
  • Imparts a natural sheen
  • Infused with Olive Oil and Argan Oil

Works by expanding the natural curl/wave pattern already present in hair, changing hard to comb hair into soft manageable natural looking curls and waves in minutes.


Apply to natural hair that is not permanently-colored or chemically-straightened. If hair is so treated, wait until your natural texture grows in and the colored and/or straightened areas have been cut off. Prior to Texturizer application, do not manipulate hair or scalp, (i.e., scratching, shampooing, brushing, combing, etc.) See full details and carefully follow instructions on sheet inside the kit box.

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