Mason Natural Activated Vegetable Charcoal 60 Capsules


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  •  Get rid of gases and belly bloating by absorbing gas
  • Treats chronic constipation
  • Treats digestion issues such as indigestion, and poor digestion caused by eating fat foods
  • Reduces contractions and cramps accompanying colon activity
  • Cleans the gut before surgeries
  • Treats gut and colon disorders
  • Treating IBS cases
  • Cleanse and soften the gut
  • Helps get rid of the waste
  • Kill the parasites in the gut and get rid of them by stool
  • Activates useful bacteria in the intestine
  • Rid the body of metabolism deposits by expelling it from the body
  • Nicotine is expelled from the body, due to its role in absorbing it
  • Cleans the liver of toxins caused by alcohol
  • Treats food poisoning cases
  • Organizes food absorption process
  • Relieve symptoms of inflammation and cramps
  • The secretion of yellow succulents increases, which helps to digest fat foods
  • Treats stomach ulcer
  • Helps absorb fat from fatty meals

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