Nicorette Freshmint Gum 4mg 105 Gums

Nicorette Freshmint Gum 4mg 105 Gums


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  •  Keep cravings in check: Nicorette sugar free chewing gum actively fight cravings to help you quit smoking once and for all
  • Fights withdrawal symptoms: Nicorette gum relieves 7 withdrawal symptoms of quitting, cravings, irritability, low mood, restlessness, anxiety, poor concentration and increased appetite
  • A fresh-tasting way to stop smoking: Nicorette nicotine gum is a stop smoking aid that tastes great and allows you to actively control how much nicotine you use; choose from original, freshmint, icy white and fruitfusion flavours
  • Craving relief that can last for hours: Nicorette gum provides up to nearly 3 hours of craving relief; do something incredible

Nicorette Gum helps you to give up smoking by relieving the desire to smoke, as well as some of the unpleasant withdrawal effects which smokers experience when they stop smoking.
Dependence on nicotine can in some cases be transferred from cigarettes to Nicorette Gum but it is less harmful and easier to break than smoking.

Directions: For adults and children 12 years and over.

Please note the chewing technique below and read the enclosed leaflet carefully before starting to use the product. Chew one piece when you feel the urge to smoke. Do not use more than 15 pieces a day.

NICORETTE chewing technique:

  • Chew slowly until taste becomes strong.
  • Rest between gum and cheek.
  • Chew again when taste has faded.

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