Panadol Baby & Infant Suspension

Panadol Baby & Infant Suspension


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Panadol Baby & Infant Suspension provides effective temporary relief from the pain and fever associated with:

  • Toothache
  • Sore throat
  • Childhood infections
  • Immunisation
  • Teething
  • Also relieves fever and pain after vaccination

Panadol Baby & Infant Suspension is strawberry flavoured formulated to be pleasant tasting and comes with a dosing device so its easy to administer to infants and children and like all Children’s Panadol products it is gentle on little stomachs when used as directed.

How To Use

  • Shake the bottle
  • Measure the required amount in syringe or dropper (see diagram below)
  • Either drop directly onto the child's tounge, or mix with a little juice or water first.
  • This dose may be repeated if necessary, every 4 hours.
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