Sebamed Clear Face Anti-Pimple Gel 10ml


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  • Fast relief from pimples
  • Antibacterial gel reduces irritation and dries pimples out
  • For impure and acne-prone skin with inflamed pimples
  • Supports the regeneration of the inflamed pores
  • Smoothest rough skin

Sebamed Clear face anti-pimple gel inhibits the growth of acne causing bacteria and its moisturizing agents protect against flaky patches once pimples, spots and blackheads have dried out. With the same pH 5.5 value as healthy skin, Sebamed Clear face anti-pimple gel supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin's acid mantle. The care complex for impure and acne-prone skin helps effectively to combat skin impurities. Dilated pores, pimples, blackheads, shiny spots, and greasy appearance are some of the signs of oily skin.

There are several causes and factors that can cause excess sebum in the face: hormonal imbalance, genetic inheritance, age, climate, diet and lifestyle, among others. The ideal way to put an end to this type of problem is to follow a specific treatment. Sebamed Clear face anti-spot gel soothes, dries and reduces irritation caused by pimples and promotes skin regeneration. It is a clear lotion that fights bacterial growth. Its powerful formula eliminates acne skin's own pimples; it is a very effective treatment to fight against pimples and blackheads while promoting healthy skin on your face.

Sebamed Clear face is an oil-free, non-greasy product designed to fight blemishes and regenerate the skin. Its active ingredients respect the skin's acid mantle and are fragrance-free, this gel offers spectacular results on oily skin, progressively eliminating pimples; get smooth, pimple-free skin with Sebamed Clear face! Sebamed Clear face anti-pimple gel is a localized care for pimples, blackheads and skin impurities. This product heals the affected areas while soothing the skin and regenerating inflamed pores. Plus, due to the presence of chlorogenic and a pH of 5.5 This gel affects the development of acne bacteria.

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